Specialised in energy transition and digitalisation,
in order to challenge your thoughts,
in order to speed up your development or your adaptation
and in order to secure the result of your actions,
I provide you with:

  • Experience: More than 30 years of high level experience in strategy, innovation management, marketing and management
  • Business knowledge: Energy distribution and supply, energy services and buildings
  • Market knowledge: technologies, actors chains, value chains and deciders
  • Strong moderation and cooperation capabilities
  • Network of selected partners

The services I provide you with, are the roots of an efficient internal think & do tank:

Mach&Team Digital

Digital platform to share data, information, knowledge and experience

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Enlightened facilitation:

Stimulate your creativity and the collective dynamics within your organisation

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Frame your actions for more consistency, results and sustainability

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Marketing and business development:

Target, segment, structure your offerings, differentiate yourself

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Coaching of your B2B sales force:

Know how to guide each of your B2B customers through his energy transition

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Economic analysis:

Build a business plan, define an innovative business model

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Improve your ability to act and succeed

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M&A support:

Assess an opportunity, divest an activity

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Project development:

Structure a complex projet or a complex action plan

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Alliances and consortiums:

Negotiate and build win-win relationships

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My career:

Medias partners


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