I offer you a high level support in strategy, innovation and marketing and a broad understanding of the energy transition and digitalisation.

I provide my customers with unique skills rooted in 35+ years of experience
  • More than 30 years of high level experience in strategy, innovation management, marketing and management
  • A global understanding of energy transitions
  • A perfect knowledge of energy distribution and supply, of energy services and of buildings construction
  • A mastery of technologies, chains of actors, values ​​and decisions
  • A knowledge of the energy context of the different European countries

I decline these skills daily, and in many countries, on the following 7 segments.


I provide now my expertise through exclusive customised in-company and open trainings

For all energy actors:

Understand the energy transition, its issues and its consequences

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For cities:

Combine urbanism and energy transition and successfully engage.

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For DSOs:

Prepare yourself for future transformations and build new business models

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For energy suppliers:

Differentiate and build new profitable businesses.

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For manufacturers:

Take advantage of opportunities and keep control of market access

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For start-ups:

Position yourself successfully

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For investors:

Understand risks and opportunities

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