Put your actions in coherence and in perspective! Optimize your resources!

My credos:
  • When it comes to strategy, tools are less important than the art of using them

  • An intimate knowledge of the competitors and the playing field is essential to a good strategy

  • The value of strategic orientations ultimately lies in the ability to deploy them successfully with the resources available

My offering:

It includes for instance:
  • Strategic studies
  • Thematic strategic support carried out prior to the structuring of an action plan
  • Global strategic support for activities or companies

Some references:
  • Strategy of an aggregator
  • "Flexibility and storage" strategy of an integrated utility
  • Smart home strategy of an energy supplier
  • Strategic audit of an energy service provider
  • Strategy of an ESCO
  • Strategy of various start-ups (intelligent lighting, smart metering, energy monitoring software, etc.)
  • Strategy of an international funding agency for alternative solutions to SF6

The digital touch:

Team work, customers' interviews, sessions with the steering committee can be organized by videoconference (carried out several times with American or Asian clients)