Economic analysis
A business plan or a business model are the tools of managers and strategists before being those of financial controllers

My credos:
  • A business plan is not an end in itself; it is a simulation tool aiming at
    • Reinforcing trust in the validity of a business model
    • Reinforcing convictions regarding a vision of market dynamics
    • Reinforcing trust in the economic viability of a project
    • Allowing to challenge this project

  • Evaluating revenues is often more difficult and riskier than evaluating costs: special attention must be paid to this step

My offering:
  • Business plans
  • Economic analysis of potential acquisition targets or activities
  • Innovative business models

Some references:
  • New business models for an integrated energy company
  • New business models for an energy service provider
  • Various complex business plans
    • For an aggregator
    • For Smart Grids and Smart Metering projects
    • For energy efficiency software editors
  • Economic analysis of acquisition files

The digital touch:

Team work and sessions with the steering committee can be organized by videoconference