Marketing and business development
Listen! Segment! Target! Differentiate yourself and structure your offering!

My credos:
  • In terms of energy services, structuring the offering (not presenting it as a simple list) allows greater readability and better targeting of customers

  • Differentiation in an increasingly competitive world is a necessity

  • The segmentation of energy offerings is complex because it differs according to the offerings and, sometimes, according to the countries

My offering:
  • Marketing audit of an offering or of a complete catalog
  • Marketing definition of an offer
  • Structuring of a catalog
  • Segmentation of customers according to the offerings

Some references:
  • Segmentation of residential customers for energy service provider offerings
  • Definition of electricity, gas and heat service offers for a multi-fluid energy company
  • Definition of the initial offering of a start-up (done for several start-ups)
  • European development plan of a US start-up providing communication solutions for Smart Grids
  • European development plan for a DSO-software editor

The digital touch:

Team work, customers' interviews, sessions with the steering committee can be organized by videoconference (carried out several times with American or Asian clients)