Coaching of B2B sales force
Train your B2B sales representatives to support their customers in their energy transition

My credos:
  • Selling successfully a complete catalog of energy offerings to B2B customers requires training and knowledge of the energy systems and market

  • To be effective, such training does not fall under a classic approach and must integrate live learning "in front of the client"

  • With a B2B client, a salesperson must sell at the same time as he builds a transition path with his client, which will condition his sales of tomorrow

My offering:
  • Construction of sales strategy and process, consistent with the business strategy and the catalog of offerings
  • Initial training for salespeople
  • Live training sessions in front of customers and debriefing sessions

Some references:
  • Coaching of B2B salespeople of an energy service provider
  • Definition of a new sales process and training (coaching mode) for B2B sales representatives of a utility