Conferences and enlightened facilitation
Boost the exchange of ideas and collaborative dynamics!

My credos:
  • Exchanging ideas in groups promotes the development of collective and individual skills

  • Exchanges are the breeding ground for the best ideas of your employees

  • Collaborative sessions relating to digitalization and the energy transition is all the more fruitful if it is led by a specialist:
    • He can revive insufficiently explored subjects
    • He can guide debates on important forgotten topics
    • He can challenge the group at any time

My offering:
  • Conferences to inform, to challenge, to open perspectives, to offer a synthesis of a particular topic
    • To a Board of Directors or an executive committee
    • To a project team
    • To a customers' annual meeting
    • To a group of peers, investors or large consumers for example
  • Enlightened facilitation of collaborative workshops

Some references:
  • Keynote session at a large customers' annual meeting for an energy company
  • Conferences to groups of investors to detail business models
  • Conference in front of the Tunisian energy ecosystem
  • Animation of seminars about digitalisation for an energy company
  • Conference and meetings about Smart Cities for the board of directors of an energy company
  • Conference and collaborative workshops about the energy transition for a group of 40 manufacturers

The digital touch:
  • Conferences, especially between peers, can be organized online to save travel and time (experience up to 70 participants)
  • Collaborative workshops can be organized online with alternating plenary sessions and group work