I help you to make energy digitization and transition, opportunities for growth and profitability.

Your stakes
  • Change market access so as not to lose control over these accesses
  • Repositioning to not be transformed into a commodities provider
  • Develop value for the new decision makers

My answers:
  • Determine the potential for performance through short activity audits to define short-term actions and possible roadmaps
  • Adapt the strategy to new market characteristics - Build a scenario-based strategy to increase agility in the face of unexpected evolutions and to reduce financial exposure
  • Define innovative business strategies (Technology, access to the market, business model)
  • Build innovative organisations with partners and customers

Some references:
  • Strategy and business plan of a meters provider
  • Strategic plan of a Smart Street Lighting solutions provider
  • Strategy, business plan and action plan to engage a batteries' installed base in the balancing mechanisms
  • Seeking opportunities to deploy a contracting model
  • Evolution of sales channels and associated sales processes