Create meaning and value. Translate them into offers.

How to deploy your strategy?

How to respond to the expectations or needs, expressed or not, of customers by a suitable value proposition?

How to create this value proposition? How to make it meaningful?

Eric Morel helps you to:
  • Adopt market segmentations corresponding to current structures

  • Take an innovative and fresh look at energy and create meaning and value
    • For you
    • For your customers
    • For the society

  • Build a marketing plan, consistent with:
    • Your strategic scenarios
    • Your signature
    • The expectations of your customers
    • Your skills
  • Develop Design Thinking Approaches

  • Bring an innovative look to your positioning
    • By developing evolution trajectories readable by your customers
    • By developing a signature

  • Test, evaluate and refine your prototype offers
    • Through pilot projects
    • Through focus groups
    • Through community platforms

  • Structuring of Smart Grids, Smart Metering and storage pilot projects
  • Assistance in the creation of an ESCO
  • Design and commercial launch of a demand response service provided by a utility
  • Marketing of electricity, gas and water services for a utility
  • Segmentation of residential customers regarding energy savings and method for influencing energy behaviors