Architect energy systems and structure business models

How to make coherent all actions carried out and activities created? How to avoid cannibalization of one by another?

How to emerge new business models?

Eric Morel offers you access, through a architecting process, to benefits that are inaccessible by a detailed approach.

Eric Morel helps you to:
  • Structuring, after a systemic approach, the future energy system of an utility or a city
    • Determine the energy mix taking into account local resources and a possible national framework
    • Determine the links between electricity, gas and heat, vectors of optimization
    • Question the use of electricity
    • Establish the interactions between the different elements
    • Build a first deployment roadmap

  • Structuring energy flows to optimize your costs and revenues
    • By lowering the cost of energy
    • By optimizing the uses of energy consumers
    • By maximizing revenue from flexibility
    • By taking advantage of different energy access and prices

  • Structuring the use of data to extract a greater value

  • Develop new business models

  • Structuring a network of partners

  • Realization of the Smart Grids Côte d'Azur charter
  • Energy architecture of an eco-district
  • Design of innovative business models for energy efficiency services in the industry and tertiary sectors