founder of Mach&Team, advises leaders in the energy market on the energy transition and the convergence of energy and digital

My offerings


According to my customers' needs, that may be more strategic or more operational, I am focused on:
  • Adapting the strategy to take into account needs and consequences of digitalisation and energy transition

  • Defining the global architecture of physical energy systems and associated monitoring and control systems

  • Adapting the governance of energy systems

  • Adapting the business models

  • Defining and supervising energy transition or digitalisation programs

  • Improving the profitability of energy businesses


I organize customized conferences for executives at any organization active in my domains of expertise.

I address needs ranging from a half-hour conference to a several hours workshop:
  • During management seminars
  • During assemblies with large customers
  • During meetings with investors
  • During executives colloquium
  • During associations and think-tanks meetings


I regularly conduct market analysis for my customers.

I provide them with an outstanding knowledge and understanding of markets, trends and players, as well as with an extended data base, to give more value, more personality, more meaning to the following deliverables:

  • Market studies and understanding of market trends

  • Business intelligence

  • Technology watch

  • Benchmarks

My fields of competence

Smart Cities Smart Buildings Smart Homes Energy efficiency Smart Grids Smart Meters
Energy transition Demand Response Multifluids Energy services Energy architecture of Smart Cities Energy storage

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